Stop by an authentic Irish pub while taking train tours across Canada

Travelers who enjoy having authentic cultural experiences while they are vacationing in another city may wish to check out a fun pub in Vancouver. Individuals who have taken Canadian train tours through the province of British Columbia are sure to enjoy stopping for a drink and delicious meal at Irish Heather, one of the city’s quaint local bars.

Visit a real Irish pub in Canada

Once visitors to Vancouver walk through the door of Irish Heather, they may forget that they are in Canada at all. This cozy pub exudes Irish charm with its dimly lit interior and vintage Celtic decor. In particular, the centuries-old wood floors and exposed-brick hostelry give this small bar a certain charm, as if one has stepped back in time to Ireland in the 19th century.

Individuals on Canadian train vacations should consider going to Irish Heather for a drink and staying for one of its delicious meals. The pub offers a variety of traditional Irish dishes including fresh pork bangers, steak and Guinness pot pie, and pan-roasted salmon, as well as several fancier dishes such as the charcuterie plate. No matter what guests order, it is sure to taste delicious when washed down by a frosty mug of locally brewed beer.

Source: Justin Marlowe,


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