The Dog and Duck opens in Sunnyside

THE DOG AND DUCK, a new Irish-themed gastropub, opens today, October 22, for dinner in Sunnyside, Queens. Replacing Bliss, at one point a destination restaurant on Skillman Avenue, the project has been kept secret behind plywood barricades for the past two or three months.

A new Irish gastropub, The Dog and Duck, opened in Sunnyside, Queens Saturday, October 22. Credit: Robert Haynes-Peterson

The large space, across from the three-year-old Claret Wine Bar, features floor-to-ceiling windows on two sides, padded camel-colored banquettes along most walls, a lengthy bar with a small selection of whiskies and other spirits (we hope will expand), and outdoor seating in a shaded back garden. The restaurant had a soft opening on Friday night, according to co-owner Padraigh Connolly.

While Irish bars are the default in Sunnyside (thanks in part to the significant Irish population), this past year has seen an upgrading in pub offerings, with the opening of Molly Bloom’s on Queens Boulevard, 43 on 43rd St and 43rd Ave and now The Duck and Dog.

Connolly, who was a chef at the popular Queens Blvd pub-straunt Blooms several years ago (before it was destroyed in a fire), says D&D will be open for dinners only for the first week or two. He then expects to begin opening for lunches.

A paper menu, posted outside on opening day, offered up promising riffs on standard gastropub fare, including Duck Confit with Wild Mushrooms and Mashed Potatoes ($18), Braised Organic Lamb Shank with a Honey Port Gravy ($21), and classic offerings like Moules Frites ($14) and Fish and Chips ($12).

The Dog and Duck, Skillman Ave and 46th St in Sunnyside, opens Saturday, October 22.

Source: Robert Haynes-Peterson,


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