New Irish Bar and Restaurant Opening in Old Paddy B’s Space Soon

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Vincent Tuohy has been saying the Irish Patriot is opening soon for quite some time.

Credit Ben Feldheim

The bar and restaurant to take Paddy B’s former space at 9875 W. 143rd Street has been in works for about two years now. But it’s finally just about ready to open.

“We’re down to the wire now,” said Tuohy, owner of the Irish Patriot. “Plumbing is in. Electricity is in. We’re waiting for the kitchen hood to be completed. It needs to be installed under supervision.”

The kitchen hood requires an extra look because it is a reclaim hood, designed to take the fumes away from cooks in the kitchen and use the exhaust to heat water in the building. That is apparently just one function of the reclaim hood, Tuohy said at Monday night’s Development Services Committee meeting.

“It was like rocket science just filling out the paper work for the thing,” Tuohy said. “We’re also trying to save water in the bathrooms. We’ve tried to work energy efficiency all throughout the building.”

Leading up to Monday night’s meeting, Tuohy engaged in an extensive rehab project from the roof to the floor within the structure, which was originally built in 1920. Rumors have abounded for at least the past year of work being done within the building to open a new Irish bar and restaurant. Tuohy, a Dublin native, had that end result in mind all along.

“This area is very receptive to a simple Irish pub concept,” Tuohy said. “We’ll sell traditional Irish food and have a lot of great beers available. It’ll have a fire place, and will be a cosy place for the family.”

Committee members Carole Ruzich, Ed Schussler and Kathy Fenton went over the final site plan for the new restaurant, along with a proposal to sell 742 square feet of gravely pavement directly north of the former Paddy B’s home to Tuohy for $750. The extra land will be used for a larger outdoor seating area.

The committee agreed to send the proposal to the full village board in November with Schussler’s and Fenton’s approval. Ruzich abstained from the vote, having legally represented Tuohy before.

With final installations and permits in order, Tuohy hopes the Irish Patriot will be open within the next four to five weeks.

“I’ve been saying that for a long time,” Tuohy said about when his establishment would open. “Before Christmas is a suitable way to describe it.”

Source: Ben Feldheim,


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