Merchants depend on Knicks to keep business steady amid NBA lockout

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

The NBA lockout could deliver a crippling blow to businesses near Madison Square Garden that depend on the Knicks to keep registers ringing.

Pub owner Tom Dwyer has no sympathy for NBA players or owners: "It's billionaires versus millionaires."

Home games for the resurgent Knicks are a boon for everything from bars to parking garages, and their owners fear they will be scrambling to make up for lost revenue.

“Both sides are to blame,” said Tom Dwyer, owner of the Blarney Rock Pub on W. 33rd St. “It’s billionaires versus millionaires.”

Dwyer has no sympathy for the NBA players or owners.

“There are eight Irish pubs on this street,” he said. “And all the neighborhood bars all over the five boroughs where people go to watch the games will be hurting, too. When you add it up, it’s devastating.”

Source: Lore Croghan and Jonathan (excerpt)


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