Irish Bars Get Top Grades

Friday, 30th Sept, 2011

The new O’Toole’s Irish bar and the newly reopened Christy’s tavern up Orange Street received A grades from health inspectors. Some other restaurants passed with lower scores, thanks in part to the presence of rodents, while a few establishments are due for renewed inspections after failing.

O'Toole's Irish Pub

O'Toole's Irish Pub

Those were some of the results of the latest wave of inspections of eating inspections by the city’s health department.

Any score below an 80 is considered a failure, requiring remediation and a return visit within two weeks.

Kudeta on Temple Street had the worst score of the bunch, clocking in at 62/100. Some of its more serious transgressions included lack of hairnets on employees in the kitchen and raw eggs stored near ready-to-eat food and vegetables. A few of the culprits at the acclaimed Barcelona restaurant, which also failed: fruit flies in liquor bottles and water in the bathroom that was way too hot. (Anything over 115 degrees Fahrenheit is considered dangerous; Barcelona’s was 144 degrees the day of inspection.)

None of the failing restaurants had rodents, though, which inspectors did find at both two passing establishments. They immediately scheduled a visit from an exterminator.

O’Tooles Irish Pub, 157 Orange St.

Score: 97/100
Corrections due: ASAP
•clean floors
•wipe exterior of equipment
•replace one water-stained ceiling tile

Christy’s, 268 Orange St.
Score: 91/100
Corrections due: ASAP
•clean baffel on hood system
•touch up areas on walls and ceilings/wipe wall board panel
•fix defective gaskets on doors
•touch up defective flooring/wipe floor under equipment
•replace missing end cap on 1 exposed bulb
•keep wipe cloths in sanitizing solution
•seal floor/wall junctions
•wipe inside cooler and microwave

Source: Neena Satija,


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