Best Irish pubs in Paris, France

For those who like to take time out from exploring the culture of Paris and revert to something more familiar, there are a number of […] Irish pubs around the city in which to do so. These pubs will also appeal to people from all over the world who wish to diversify their Paris experience. Below are some of my favourite.

Corcoran Irish Pub (28 Rue St André des Arts)

I love this pub as for me it typifies what an Irish bar should be like, with warm and welcoming staff, traditional Irish decor and a selection of popular drinks. There is also a superb menu which goes down especially well when enjoying one of the many live sporting events which are shown here. Live music fans will enjoy a visit here during the evenings.

Finnegan’s Wake (9 Rue des Boulangers)

This is the oldest Irish bar in the city, which is fitting seeing that it is located in the historic Latin Quarter.

Quiet man (5 Rue des Haudriettes)

This is an Irish bar which has an established reputation in the city. The live bands which play here in the evening are hugely popular, whilst the relaxed day time atmosphere is also enjoyable. One gets the impression that this pub is naturally Irish without having to try too hard.



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