Global Diaspora Strategies Toolkit

The Taoiseach discussing the Strategies Toolkit

Irish Pubs Global was honoured to attend the Diaspora Matters; Strategies Toolkit launch at the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin on Tuesday 27th September.

Diaspora Matters is a consultancy firm based in Dublin and established by Kingsley Aiken, former CEO and President of the Worldwide Ireland Funds.

Diaspora Matters was established to advise individuals, companies and Governments on strategic methods for engaging with Diaspora communities.

The Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, officially launched the Strategies Toolkit following a powerful speech in which he celebrated the Irish Diaspora, stressing the importance and often undervalued role they play in promoting, preserving and reinforcing what it means to be Irish on a global level.

The Taoiseach added: “Irish people are curious, inquisitive and gregarious…people want to associate with us and be with us and Diaspora meetings are one the most important meetings we can have”.

Kingsley Aiken highlighted the value of the entire mesh of the Diaspora network; every group has a role to play and a position in it.

To that end, the position of the Irish pub overseas as the frontline for “Ireland Inc.” and the cornerstone of the successful Irish community it fosters cannot be understated.

Source: Cillian McGovern

(left to right) An Taoiseach - Enda Kenny, with J.J. Gubbins and Enda O' Coineen


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