Luck o’the Irish coming to Murfreesboro

Source: Melinda Hudgins,

Sunday, 18th Sept, 2011

Kilts will be all the rage come October, but it has nothing to do with Halloween.

O’Possum’s, a brand new microbrewery and Irish pub with a Southern flare is scheduled to open its doors next month.

Dubbed “one of the oldest Irish clans,” O’Possum’s even has its own family crest, which translates from Latin as “We came down from the trees to dwell in the pubs.”

“It’s all very tongue-in-cheek, but fairly authentic Irish pub,” said Gary McGuire, who owns the business with Leroy Wells.

“We’ve been working on this for two years,” McGuire explained. “In Ireland and England, a pub is, rather than just a drinking establishment, it is an extension of people’s living rooms. And that’s what we’re looking for. There’s really nothing like that in North Murfreesboro.”

O’Possum’s will be a very family friendly environment, McGuire explains.

“We’re looking for an adult crowd, and while students will be welcome, it’s not our target demographic,” he said.

Kilt-clad servers and bartenders will deliver fresh food – the pub’s smallest appliance will be the freezer – and beers, including a recipe brewed in-house by Andrew McGuire.

“We’re going to be serving extraordinarily good pub food, and we also have a barbecue that will make you slap your granny and tell her you’re sorry.”

Located in the Kroger shopping center on Memorial Boulevard near Haynes Drive, O’Possum’s will “provide a husband’s waiting room for women who are next door at the Hallmark store.”

Ladies will be invited back on Tuesdays to attend “Beer for Women,” a brew tasting event.

“Unfortunately, many women’s impression of beer is not a good one, and women appreciate the complexity of a good beer when given the opportunity to try it and pair it with food,” McGuire said.

Visit O’Possum’s Facebook page or for more information.


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