Dude, Where’s My Bar?

Source: Henry Ciocca, motionsonline.org

Tuesday, 13th Sept, 2011

This is the first installment in an ongoing series designed to survey the social scene in Saint Diego’s fine city and uncover the hidden gems we all could (and should) treasure. Today’s spotlight is shined on Brewley’s Pint, located on Garnet Ave. in Pacific Beach, next to the TapRoom and across the street from Henry’s Market.

Brewley’s is an atypical PB bar for a few reasons. First, it’s an Irish pub, making it unique to the traditional PB scene of meathead bro-fests and sweaty dance floors. As an Irish pub, the place knows its beer. Brewley’s offers 17 taps and a decent sized bar conducive to posting up and settling in to a sampling of a variety of the nectar of the gods. Second, Brewley’s has a friendly, neighborhood-type vibe, something that can be foreign to many establishments on Garnett. Bartenders and staff are welcoming and willing to help you find a beer that will satisfy your oh-so-sophisticated taste buds.

You may discover the “Luck of the Irish” at Brewley’s Pint
Two things to keep in mind: First, Brewley’s is relatively new, having opened in the spring of 2010. Therefore, it does not yet have a full liquor license and only serves beer and wine. Second, Brewley’s does not have a kitchen and does not serve its own food.

However, Brewley’s makes up for it with pretty darn good happy hour specials. On Thursdays and Sundays, happy hour specials are in effect until close ($2 cans, $3 bottles and drafts, $3 house wine). Brewley’s is also a good option for those desiring to imbibe on Taco Tuesday, yet not desiring to sketchily hit on the preteens who are inevitably flooding into Typhoon; Brewley’s offers $3 domestic bottles till close and good deals on 20-ounce Imperial Pints every Tuesday. Also, Brewley’s allows you to order food from outside the bar and bring it in. The go-to in that situation is usually Woodstock’s, which will deliver pizza, wings, tots, or salads straight to the bar.

In terms of supplemental entertainment, Brewley’s comes through with a pool table and shuffleboard. The tables are usually pretty wide open, but note: if you ever see me on the shuffleboard table, think twice before issuing a challenge—I’ve been known to break a few hearts out there.

Brewley’s also brings in live music from time to time, which, to be honest, isn’t that sweet. It usually entails one person with an acoustic guitar and an indestructible pipedream to “make it” on any given reality singing show, which makes for a pretty annoying combo. I’m sorry, sir, but you are not through to Hollywood. And, to be frank, you were a little pitchy. Excuse the diatribe.

What do I like most about Brewley’s? Brewley’s keeps it simple; it’s an authentic bar (the owner is, in fact, Irish) that does not try to be something it isn’t. If you are looking for a chill hangout with a group of friends, Brewley’s is definitely the spot in PB. It is also probably the only bar in PB I would feel comfortable flying solo for a few beers to watch a game. Brewley’s flies under the radar, so give it a shot. You just may have found that bar where everybody knows your name.


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