Review: Raglan Road, Disney World’s Irish pub

Source: Tara Clapper, Irish American Culture Examiner

Monday, 05th Sept, 2011

Many Irish chefs have been working to bring a fresh idea of Irish cuisine to America, yet many Americans still feel that Irish pubs are just good for drinking and a bit of craic (fun). Enter Chef Kevin Dundon, the award-wining, internationally recognized Irishman who brings a taste of his homeland to other nations.

Dundon created Raglan Road, a pub located in Walt Disney World’s Downtown Disney. While this pub is family-friendly, it’s also a center of nightlife in Disney, featuring live Irish music from bands like Na Fianna.

The presentation of food at Raglan Road emphasizes the modern nature of the cuisine. Fish and chips are presented in vertical formation in a wire basket. The cod fish in this platter is fresh despite the distance required in importing it.

Raglan Road’s salads are as green as Ireland herself; also extremely fresh and crisp.

Don’t miss the speciality drinks, especially the Bailey’s Irish Cream Milkshake. It’s hearty enough to beat out a pint of Guinness and works best as a snack or dessert.

Like most locations in Disney, it’s a bit sanitized and image-conscious, but the pub does have an authentic feel and servers knowledgeable about Irish culture and cuisine.

Pricing is competitive with similar establishments in northern cities like Philadelphia, Boston and New York.

Walk-in dining recommended for daytime visitors; reservations strongly suggested for dinner service.


One thought on “Review: Raglan Road, Disney World’s Irish pub

  1. I have eaten at Raglan Road once. I found the service to be attentive and the food was decent. I think the best part of the experience was the location. There was plenty of activity going on, and it is very close to shopping and some entertainment like the Cirque du Soleil show.

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