How to Fill Your Bar on Arthur’s Day Using Social Media

How to Fill Your Bar on Arthur’s Day Using Social Media

arthur's day logoOn July 15, Guinness used social media to let fans know that a big announcement was coming, right on their Facebook page. Three days later, the announcement was revealed.

Arthur’s Day is back for 2011! With the link to the official Arthur’s Day launch video shared on their Facebook wall, Guinness let fans know that the global celebrations would kick off on September 22nd at 17:59 in Dublin.

In 2009 and 2010, Guinness celebrated Arthur’s Day with 70 artists across 30 venues. The live celebration was broadcast on TV in over 70 countries and watched by more than 25 million people. This year, they’ll be doing it all over again.

So why did Guinness take to their Facebook page to make such a big announcement?

like button for facebookWith more than 223,000 Facebook fans, Guinness was reaching out to their target audience. Fans who had taken the time to ‘like’ their page and receive information about Guinness would be the first to know. On top of that, Facebook’s sharing capabilities would allow the message to be seen by many more Facebook users.

Guinness has made social media work for them in regards to Arthur’s Day. Now it’s your turn.

Five Ways To Celebrate Arthur’s Day Using Social Media

1. Countdown to Arthur’s Day with Social Media Specials

In the weeks leading up to Arthur’s Day, use your social media sites such as Facebook & Twitter to count down the days and offer specials to fans.

facebook logotwitter logo

For example, you could tweet “Ten days until Arthur’s Day! Come in and mention ‘Twitter’ to get 10% off your tab.”You could also designate a daily “phrase that pays” that customers can mention to receive special discounts.

“Five days until Arthur’s Day! Today’s Phrase That Pays is: ‘grist of the mill.’ Mention this to our bartender to get today’s secret special.”

If promoted properly, this could also help to increase business on the days leading up to Arthur’s Day or during hours that may otherwise be slow.

2. Guinness-themed Check-In Specials

logo for foursquare

While Foursquare & Facebook Places has a number of options for the types of specials you can offer customers, there are a select few that will fill your bar faster than others.

Try offering a Flash Special on Foursquare for Arthur’s Day. For example, “The first 119 people to check in after 17:59 get their second pint free.”

Why those numbers? Well, 119.5 because it takes 119.5 seconds to pour the perfect Guinness. 17 minutes and 59 seconds because Arthur Guinness signed the lease on the brewery at St. James’s Gate in 1759.

You can also use a Facebook Places ‘Friend’ Deal to reward groups of customers when they check in together. Help spread the word about your business on Arthur’s Day more rapidly. Offer Guinness drink specials to customers who check in together. Use Facebook to promote the special and remind customers to check in.

3. Live Twitter Feed

twitterfall logoShow a live Twitter feed at your bar or restaurant on Arthur’s Day. Create a hash tag specific to your location on Arthur’s Day and let your customers know so they can live tweet while there.

Use a third party site like to display everyone’s live tweets. Have the bartender or DJ remind customers to tweet with the hash tag and check out the feed to see theirs displayed.

4. Guinness-themed contests

Hold a contest that encourages your Facebook fans to be active on your page. Have fans upload photos of themselves all decked out in Guinness attire or drinking a pint of Guinness to your Facebook.

The owner of the photo with the most votes will be crowned Guinness Guy or Guinness Girl for Arthur’s Day. Reward the winner with drink or food specials.

5. Guinness-themed Trivia

One great way to engage fans on social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, is by asking trivia questions. Take advantage of this occasion by making your questions Guinness-themed.

To build up anticipation for fans to join you on the evening of Arthur’s Day, ask one trivia question a day at 17:59 for a few days leading up.

For example, on the Monday before Arthur’s Day, you can update Facebook with:

“Three days left ‘til we toast Arthur. Here’s your Guinness Question of the Day: What’s the real colour of a Pint of Guinness?”

Later in the day, answer the question with “Ruby Red” I know, it surprised me too!

So these are just a few ways to promote Arthur’s Day using free social media tools like Facebook, Twitter & Foursquare. I’m sure you can come up with even more.




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