Specific vision sets Brass Door apart

Source: Jeramia Trotter, downtown.wmctv.com

Mon, Aug 22nd, 2011

He’s never owned a restaurant before, but that didn’t stop Seamus Loftus and a partner from buying a building downtown and opening The Brass Door.

© ilovememphis, flickr

The Irish pub, located at 152 Madison, has been open for little more than a week, but its fries have already been called the city’s best by I Love Memphis and was the subject of an article in The Daily News.

Loftus told The Daily News he has a very specific vision for the business.

“This particular pub, truthfully at its core, should be a meeting place for the community, a place to get a bite to eat, have a drink, relax, have fun, exchange ideas. We’re no smoking. We could be out of our heads and end up in the poor house over it, but I wanted families to be able to bring their kids. This is more about community than some other pubs. So far, we’ve had an eclectic and diverse crowd. A public house is a great leveler. If it’s a good community pub, there’s no room for bull—-. Everyone gets a fair shake.”


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