Irish Pub Company at the Irish Pubs Global Conference

Mel McNally from Irish Pub Company talks about their plans for the upcoming Irish Pubs Global Owners and Managers Conference for the Americas:

Today is March 30th and it is a usually sunny and warm day in Dublin.

We are in final preparations and getting ready to board our plane to hit the IPG CONFERENCE IN PHILADELPHIA – THE FIRST AMERICAS’S IRISH PUB AND RESTAURANT CONFERENCE – April 18, 19, & 20th 2011

We are proud to be part of this unique event and as The Original Concept Designers of all Guinness Irish Pub Concept and most successful and creative Design Build company for all types of bars and pubs worldwide we will provide you with all the information you need to be successful. We will see you there at our Exhibit stand

This is your opportunity to network with top industry leaders and your peers. A unique industry networking and educational event! Hands on workshops are being held to help you build your profits and build your connections to Ireland.

We are part of the workshops and the roundtable debates.

Design is Key to a successful Irish Pub – so come along and hear what Mel McNally and Darren Fagan have to say.

Do you want a stress-free and seamless Installation of an Irish Pub? Darren Fagan will give you all you need to know to achieve this.

Join us at the Conference

Crystal Tea Room, Wanamaker Building, Market Street, Philadelphia

Visit for ticket details


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