Irish Pub Conference Launch at The Consulate General NYC

Irish Pub Owners and Managers gathered in Consulate General, Ireland House on 28th February for the official launch of Irish Pub Conference 2011.

Consul General Noel Kilkenny paid tribute to publicans in New York, highlighting how they “have enriched the Irish community by simply welcoming Irish, and tourists into your pubs and treating them to a memorable and hospitable experience”.  He continued, explaining how their “commitment to Ireland and providing an authentic Irish experience in your pubs has not gone unnoticed and it is appreciated by all of us here”.

Noel Kilkenny, Consul General

Joe Byrne; Tourism Ireland North America President, endorsed this view, explaining how pub owners, managers and barmen acted as ambassadors for Ireland and joked that in some cases the people who were paid to promote the island of Ireland weren’t as good as the islanders themselves working abroad!

Joe Byrne, Tourism Ireland Executive Vice President, North America

Owner of Kildares Pubs, and inaugural pub conference attendee, Dave Magrogan, stressed the need for the pub networking and business portal Irish Pubs Global.  He explained how the inaugural conference was a “massive hit” where he “made friends and business connections from around the world and built better relationships with  key vendors”.  He expects the conference in Philadelphia to be bigger and better and called it the essential pub owners and managers event for 2011.

Dave Magrogan, CEO Dave Magrogan Group

Pub owners from New York and the surrounding areas enjoyed beverages and canapes while sharing stories about each of their unique experiences in owning or running a pub in the U.S.

Enda O’Coineen, president of Irish Pubs Global concluded the event with a toast to the Irish Pub Owners and Managers, thanked them for their contribution to the Irish Diaspora and looked forward to seeing them all again at the Irish Pub Conference in Philadelphia 2011.

Enda O'Coineen, Irish Pubs Global President

The Irish Pub Conference, due to take place April 18th-20th 2011 in Philadelphia, will be an exciting 2 and a half day educational and networking event for Irish pub owners and managers.  For more information and to buy tickets, visit  Feel free to call Eoin at Irish Pubs Global with any questions you may have – 646.600.1672.


One thought on “Irish Pub Conference Launch at The Consulate General NYC

  1. When I studied abroad in Ireland, I absolutely loved experiencing the pubs in Dublin. Huge fan of Irish pubs! It’s another reason why I love White Irish Drinkers, a story about brothers in Brooklyn. It’s my favorite indie film of the year and it really captures the spirit of the Irish.

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