Three pieces of irish magic


The magic of Irish pubs continues ………………..

At the recent Galway conference and work shop we discussed the future of Irish pubs –

We see a small resurgence of Irish iconic shows like Riverdance and Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance.  His Celtic Tiger is now unfortunately mis-named due to Ireland’s demise into the Celtic mishap but the content of Michael’s show puts our reputation where we can grow the future of our Irish pub business.

Why –

Because he moved from traditional culture to modern culture and the achievements of the Irish in America and hence everywhere – The influence we had and still have.

In pub culture now in Ireland we flounder in the abyss with some exceptions.

Abroad there is still the Magic when one creates an Irish Pub.

A  MAGIC which we need to foster and grow.

How –

Irish Pub Company is working with three projects that reignite MAGIC.

MAGIC 1 Bucharest

Placing the diversity of our culture in a multi mix projects improves the customer base and allows diversity in design just as Michael’s Celtic Tiger expressed movement of Irish dance from tradition to modern.

In Romania Bucharest we have completed for a great entrepreneur, Noel Tynan – The GIN FACTORY and OLD HAVANA in one large venue in Lispscani Street, Bucharest.

This mix allows a collective prime time day parts on the weekend use.

It has such diversity in design and entertainment that the customers’ pub crawl is in one place.

Yes, GIN FACTORY remembers how Aldous Huxley compared the Victorian pub’s ability to provide an escape from reality.

The Irish MAGIC is the hook and the Cuban madness fits well with that.

Of course, anyone who owns a restaurant that’s called ‘Le Bon Crubeen’ can think laterally enough to run such an operational challenge.


Fado for many years looked at Miami as a location for a flag ship pub and recently settled for Mary Brickwell Village, away from the strip.

It is however, in a hot zone for entertainment, as Kieran  McGill CEO of FADO says “We presented a challenge to the design rule book of FADO with this location”.

In the Fado Miami the Irish Pub Company tested some of the modern aspects of our design expression by introducing Mood Changers as a high light to a modern expression of traditional Irish – what ? yes, quite traditional in value but changes in atmosphere.

These allow a day part change, selected to suit the atmosphere for dining / entertainment / and late night celebration.

In a Miami venue that’s a must – Another touch of IRISH MAGIC.


In contrast to the first two pieces of magic , in Australia the Irish Pub Company have hooked a new  traditional pub with a second venue based on our own rock culture history.

Placed in a Mining Town, the expectation and excitement of a double expression of IRISHNESS is like a bush fire.

The IRISH VILLAGE will start with a mix of Irish traditional expressions in a large venue and an equally large entertainment complex for banqueting and partying.

A design separated not only because of customer profile but scale.

Middle Australia awaits this MAGIC and will soon ‘FIND WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR’ – THE MAGIC!



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