The Potential for a ‘revitalisation’ of the Irish Pub Concept – Mel McNally, Irish Pub Company

anois…We have long held the opinion that there is enormous potential for a properly conceived (and delivered) Irish Pub concept which moves the original concept into a new realm. Our opinion is founded on the following;

-The global insatiable appetite which we encounter for concepts that deliver sociability, warmth, humour and good times in an accessible and stylised environment.

-The weakness of indigenous Bar cultures – UK, Ireland and Australia excepted – where customers seek concepts of substance which are intrinsically different and engaging.

-The over-exposure of the Irish Pub concept in some markets of less than acceptable quality has led to a dilution in interest  and driven customers away. However that latent demand still remains.


•Is about taking ‘Irishness’ into the 21st Century •Its about presenting an alluring culture in a modern context •Its about dispelling cliché’d imagry and attitudes with dynamic and contemporary alternatives •Its about taking the best of the culture and giving it a new look and new attitude and a new tempo


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