Ireland’s diaspora aiding recovery, says government

Ireland’s diaspora is a key asset for pulling Ireland out of recession, says Foreign Affairs Minister Michael Martin. We couldn’t agree more, of course!

Mr Martin was talking about last year’s Global Irish Economic Forum, which brought together top business people and stars from the realm of Irish culture to discuss how the diaspora could play a role in the Irish recovery.

Mr Martin says the initiative is working:

“The Irish worldwide embraced the spirit of Farmleigh by actively contributing to the debate on Ireland’s future and, in particular, by establishing a range of new and innovative local initiatives,” said Mr Martin.

“Also, to a much greater extent than before, many state and private-sector organisations recognise that the enhancement of the relationship with the diaspora is proving a valuable asset in Ireland’s economic recovery — in particular in providing a competitive edge in certain key markets.”

Mr Martin was speaking about the report, “The Global Irish Economic Forum: One Year On”. The report outlined several developments, such as

  • The establishment of the Global Irish Network, which is bringing together more than 300 influential people from 37 countries in key markets to discuss working toward economic recovery.
  • The expansion of the Irish Technology Leadership Group in Silicon Valley, to address new technology opportunities in Ireland.
  • Setting up the Young Leaders programme by the Ireland Funds.
  • The appointment of Gabriel Bryne as Ireland’s first Cultural Ambassador.
  • The development of a special Cultural Ireland programme to showcase Irish arts and culture throughout the US in 2011.

The establishment of Irish Pubs Global is one we’re proud to be able to add to this list: it was very much inspired by the spirit of Farmleigh – and clearly those of you flying the flag for Ireland around the world through your pubs deserve just as much credit and support for your work as anyone else for your efforts!

How are pubs helping? By showcasing Irish culture; being community centres and focal points for the Irish abroad; acting as impromptu job centres for recent arrivals (and in the case of O’Casey’s Pub and Failte 32 in New York, more formal job centres); importing genuine Irish food ingredients and beverages to all corners of the earth; and spreading the Irish brand perhaps more effectively than any other method. That all deserves recognition, and we aim to make sure you get it.

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