3 Ways to Save Money in the Kitchen Today

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A recipe card creates:

  1. Consistency in the kitchen. When I talk about consistency, I mean that very often there are changes of chefs, the head chef may be off duty, there may be new chefs in the kitchen and so it’s really important for consistency purposes to have a written recipe of exactly what goes into your dish, so that everybody who makes that dish today, tomorrow or next week can create the same dish using the same quantities and the same ingredients. Your customers who come back again and again, expecting to have that special dish they had the first time are guaranteed to get that when the same recipe is followed.
  2. Staff Training. So when you get a new staff member joining the kitchen, instead of passing down your recipes and your methods just by word of mouth, you’ve got a written record he can take a copy of. You can create a little “kitchen bible” for each new member of staff based on the recipe cards, based on the breakdown of every single thing that you want in there. Based on your standards in your kitchen. So it’s really easy to train your staff. You’ve got a written record and a written set of instructions as to what’s involved.
  3. Cost analysis. Only by working out the cost of every single ingredient, and that will fluctuate depending on times of the year, depending on availability from your vendors and your suppliers, that will vary, but costs analysis will allow you to see how viable is this dish? Can I even afford to be serving it? If not, how quickly can I get it off my menu because I don’t want to serve something that I can’t even afford? So breakdown your costs, one by one. Even down to the little grain of salt. Not just a grain of salt, but a pinch of salt. I know it sounds like I’m breaking this down really deep into the smallest pieces but only am I getting into the understanding of what’s my dish costing me, how much money is it making me. I’ve done this exercise with a few restaurant owners in the past and as soon as we started working out the breakdown of the costs, we realized that they weren’t even making any money. It was actually costing too much to serve them. We’re losing money in the dish because the chef hadn’t kept up to date with supplier prices. Supplier prices have gone through the roof on certain items and made the dish not viable anymore. So break it down, bit by bit.

First reason again is consistency, second reason is staff training and the third is cost analysis. So if you don’t already have a recipe card in your kitchen, in your restaurant, in your bar download one below this video for your business right now. If you want to get in contact with me to help you with your recipe cards, to help with your costs in your kitchen you can also get my details by clicking on the bottom below. And as always, make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter to be kept up-to-date with all these blog posts and you will find details of that below this video as well.


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