Meet Mr Tayto!

I’ve already written about how excited we are to be having Rory Guinness as the guest of honour at our gala dinner in the Galway Bay Hotel on Wednesday, September 22. Well, we’ve got another special guest on board: Mr Tayto!

Mr Tayto

Mr Tayto is coming to our gala ball. Why don't you?

How did we get this legend to attend the Irish Pubs Global convention? Well, his friends at Largo Foods are sponsoring the lifetime achievement award that we’ll be presenting to a leading figure active in promoting Irish pubs abroad. So they’ve asked Mr Tayto to come along to help them present the award.

And no better man! Every exiled Irish man and woman knows in his or her heart that what they really need is a packet of Tayto crisps to fend off the homesickness… There’s even a Facebook page urging Irish people to send Tayto crisps to the diaspora. A great act of charity, indeed!

It’s not too late to book tickets to our gala ball – drop a line to or give a ring to +353 (0)86 2104584 and let us know you’re interested!

Read some more about Mr Tayto:

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