Welcoming our special guest, Rory Guinness

With only a month to go, we’re getting very excited here in the Irish Pubs Global office in Galway – it’s a hub of activity as we prepare to greet the bar owners who are coming in from all over the world for our convention.

Rory Guinness

Rory Guinness

Of course, it won’t be just bar owners and managers who are coming – we’re also excited about our presenters and special guests. One of our special guests is Rory Guinness, an eight-generation member of the world’s most famous brewing family!

Rory will be the guest of honour at our gala dinner on the 22nd of September. He’ll be giving a chat on the history of his famous family and their Dublin-born global business. And no better man to do it: Rory is the author of “The World of Guinness”, published as part of the 250th anniversary celebrations last year.

Rory is participating in the conference on a non-commercial basis; in return, Irish Pubs Global is making a contribution to the Iveagh Trust, an Irish charity that provides affordable housing in Dublin. The Iveagh Trust was founded by the first Earl of Iveagh, Arthur’s great-grandson. It’s not too late to join us at the convention, which is taking place from the 21st to 23rd of September here in Galway at the Galway Bay Hotel. If you’re interested, see our website for more information.


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