Dine for Ireland!

Here in the Irish Pubs Global office we’re excited about the food element of our upcoming convention. We realise how the Irish food element is such an integral part of the Irish pub experience abroad – and it will be a vital part of our programme as well.

Why is Irish food so important? It’s great for driving sales: while some Irish pubs have inevitably been hit by the worldwide downturn, food-led pubs have actually seen an increase in their sales over the past two years. Good food is good for your bottom line. And we think that high-quality Irish recipes and cooking are – along with great drinks, Irish music and the rather more ineffable craic – essential pillars forming the foundation of a great Irish pub experience.

So we’re working with Bord Bia (The Irish Food Board) to make sure that the culinary experience at our convention is top-notch! We’ll have input from Bord Bia during the convention focusing on the value of including genuine Irish ingredients on your menu and how they can add to the authenticity and atmosphere of your pub – as well as increasing your profits. We’ll also have some workshops with Bord Bia staff giving Irish pub owners and managers the tools to source Irish ingredients in their areas with a suppliers directory. And of course all we’ll be giving you some great seasonal, high-quality Irish food at our gala dinner!

We hope you’ll join us! See more about the convention on the Irish Pubs Global website!


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