The 2 fastest-growing menu items over the last five years

A survey released by the marketing firm NPD Group shows that over the past five years, breakfast accounted for 60% of the U.S. restaurant industry traffic growth and continues to be a bright spot. In fact the two menu items that had the biggest growth are both items that bars could easily offer, even if not serving food presently: coffee and breakfast sandwiches.

From February 2005 through February 2010, servings of specialty coffee and breakfast sandwiches grew twice as fast as the industry.

Is this an area that you could get into? If you open your bar early in the morning or at a time that could be deemed “breakfast time”, then you need to introduce promotions to capitalize on this trend.

Make sure you do your calculations correctly when it comes to pricing in your establishment, but both of these items are high margin items and could add a nice little profit to your bottom line.

“There is a lot of activity around the breakfast daypart right now, with chains expanding into the daypart, and the addition of breakfast menu items, promotions and deals,” says Bonnie Riggs, NPD’s restaurant industry analyst. “Currently only one out of ten breakfast opportunities is satisfied by foodservice, and there are more breakfasts skipped than served in restaurants, all of which means that breakfast is a significant growth opportunity for the foodservice industry.”


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