Bar owner defends CCTV in toilets

Do you have cameras installed in your bar or restaurant? most probably. In fact, if you don’t, you’re leaving yourself wide open for theft and fraudulent insurance claims. But when does enough become enough? Do you install cameras in your toilets?

Well, the owners of a new bar in Basingstoke in the UK have defended their decision to install a CCTV camera in the men’s toilets.

A customer complained to a local newspaper after spotting the camera in the toilet at Pure Lounge Bar but Ernie Phelps, the bar’s general manager and one of the owners, said the camera was necessary because of vandalism.

He said in the first week of operation, customers snapped off an expensive sink tap in the gent’s lavatories.

He explained: “We have got one camera facing the sink, nowhere else. It’s to try to stop vandalism.”

Well on this occasion, I have to agree with the use of the cameras. Although he may not get away with putting them up in the Ladies Toilets, he’s just trying to protect his business. His predicament is not an isolated one.

A step too far or another unfortunate necessity in today’s bar industry?


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