If you want to keep my wife happy, do this….

black napkinMy wife is a bit of a fashionista (she won’t mind me disclosing), so nothing annoys her more when we leave a restaurant and she notices her little black dress is covered in white lint from her linen napkin. The solution?

Have a set of black linen napkins available for your female guests sporting a little black dress or black pants. You’ll impress them no end. Obviously make sure you’re not giving them out to women in white dresses because…well, you get it!

Happy Wife = Happy Life!

2 thoughts on “If you want to keep my wife happy, do this….

  1. Greetings Barry,
    Enjoy your Blogs! I got to tell you, this one was kind of neat to read – I just finished producing an educational/motivational video titled “The ABC’s of Building revenues” and in a section I subtitle ‘Training & Development,’ I refer to an example similar to yours. I was dining with a colleague at a restaurant which uses black linen napkins. A group of women arrived and realizing a couple of women were wearing white slacks, the server and host immediately replaced them with a white linen one…
    Great awareness!
    Great article. Take care….
    Joe Talarico – “JT ”
    Specializing in the Hospitality Industry

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