Do you give out Wine Cards?

If you serve wine in your bar or restaurant and I’m guessing that you do, then you should consider providing Wine Cards (see picture below) for your customers to remember both your establishment and the wine they enjoyed on their visit.


It won’t be the end of the world if you don’t provide it, but it’s just another example of an added touch that will help customers remember you the next time they are flicking through their wine book or thinking of a place to go out to eat.

The wine on the pictured wine card was fantastic by the way and went very well with the fillet mignon I enjoyed at Barcelona Restaurant in Columbus this weekend.

When I worked for the Yachts of Seabourn, one of the added touches we brought to the wine service was when a guest had finished a particularly expensive bottle of wine, we soaked the bottle in warm water until the label became easily peelable. We than pressed the label between two pieces of paper towel to dry it, before presenting it in a nice souvenir booklet with the details of the wine, the particular cruise it was enjoyed on and the date.

Nothing that would need a degree in rocket science for but a memorable touch nonetheless.


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