Tweet your Way to Hawaii

I came across this promotion which, although it’s the first of it’s kind that I’ve seen, I know we’re all going to see a lot more of them. Marriott Hotels in Hawaii are running a competition to win a trip to Hawaii in return for promoting and publicizing the competition to your Twitter followers and Facebook friends. I imagine that over the coming weeks, this competition will have been seen by millions of people AND the Marriott Hawaii will have built a database of millions of email addresses to advertise to in the future.

hawaiitweetClick to Enlarge

This is where the money will be made as we move into a new era of advertising and online social interaction. The reach this competition will have for the investment made will be far greater than anything they could do on television for the same reach and return.

Similar ideas you could implement in your bar or restaurant include:

  • Free drinks to the first 10 people to retweet a particular message on Twitter
  • Free entry to an event to the next 10 new fans on your facebook fan pages
  • Bring in ten of your friends and you drink free
  • Prize to the first person into the bar to say “I won, I won”
  • Prize for the next person into the bar wearing a pink sweater.
  • the list is endless.

Get creative and remember, in it’s simplest format, a promotion like this need cost no more than your time and a prize.


2 thoughts on “Tweet your Way to Hawaii

  1. Get creative, but be careful. Always check your State’s ABC laws, rules and regulations regarding advertising and promotions because they are highly regulated by your State liquor authority. For example, free drinks is a no-no in California.

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