How to Make Your Happy Hour Stand Out

happyhourFirst there was Happy Hour which oddly enough lasted for an hour, then there was what I call Irish Happy Hour which is an hour that lasts three hours, usually around 4-7pm Monday to Thursday. But these days, every bar has a happy hour (now banned in Ireland incidentally).

So apart from the usual half off draft beers and $3 martinis, try to think of something different. One good example I came across during the week was the Mojoe Lounge in Columbus Ohio. Every evening Monday to Thursday they set up a little taco station in the lounge and everyone who buys an alcoholic drink is entitled to eat for free from the taco station. The bar fills up every night with hungry and thirsty souls taking advantage of a great offer.

It’s obvious from the turnout that they have become known for this and can count on regular custom as a result. What are you doing to stand out from the crowd?

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