Have you ever seen advertising like this in a bar?

The great thing about traveling to different towns and cities as part of my job, is the characters and places I come across. If the last few weeks is anything to go by, this blog is going to be choc-a-bloc with pictures, encounters and tips from some of the most creative and unusual places I have ever seen!

Take today as an example. I’m in Delaware, Ohio and on the recommendation of Lewis Howes who grew up there, I went to the Hamburger Inn for my lunch. What greeted me as I opened the door was as Americana as you are likely to get. Old wooden wrap around wooden benches and counters that snaked around the room with the grill and kitchen right in front of you as you ate. Clearly, not having been subjected to a lick of paint or a duster in quite a while, you still knew you were part of something special. Something so unaffected by modern developments and changing tastes that you know it will be the same in 50 years as it was 50 years ago!

What I wasn’t prepared for was the most unusual twist on advertising that I have ever seen!


Not only was the glass wrapped in advertising, but the inside of the menu was covered in advertising, their coffee mugs were covered in advertising. Though I hadn’t checked their toilets, the chances are that the toilet seat was also advertising excavation services and central heating.

Whether they make money from this or whether it’s just a local gesture is unclear, but what is clear is that the next time you want a great burger, home cooked fries followed by a side of Roofing, a Heating & Cooling System and Building Contracting, the Hamburger Inn is the place to go.

3 thoughts on “Have you ever seen advertising like this in a bar?

  1. Barry,
    Iv’e got a little 150 seat Bar & Grill in North Bend,Ne.. And YES, I have some coffee cups with ads on them, it was a promo from an ad firm. AND…my menus have ads in them too…mine look a little more professional than the one you have shown. But hey, menus are normally fairly expensive and these didn’t cost me a thing…Plus I get to advertise for our local business (its a town of 1200). Plus we can make updates(up to 3 a year) for free..
    The cups were given to us and all we have to do is use them for 2 years and they are free..and they hold coffee !

    Anyway, thanks for the space

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