How to Get Repeat Business With Free Wi-Fi

wifiDo you remember a time (not too long ago) when wireless internet access in bars and restaurants was a novelty? We’re not talking about ten years ago, we’re talking about three or four years ago. Next came the common practice of charging exorbitant fees for access to a slow speed connection that was intermittent at best.

Thankfully, most bars and restaurants have realised (maybe forced into realising…) that free public wifi is a decision maker for customers faced with the option of two different locations.

Free public wifi makes my life easier and it can make your life easier by bringing in extra customers at very low cost to you. While higher end hotels are still opting for charging for 24 hour wifi access in light of decreasing room rates, nobody is going to pay $9.95-$29.95 to access their emails while they have a mid morning coffee.

So how do you get around having a bar full of laptops at 11 in the morning all sitting around one table sharing a single coffee…?

One clever option that I have come across more and more lately is the method of offering free wifi to any customer who registers their name and email address on the welcome screen the first time they log on to the internet.

This means that while you might have a sea of customers accessing the internet, you will also have an ever-growing list of names and email addresses of customers you know work or live in your area who you can add to your email lists and keep them informed of your special offers, latest news and more.

Businesses utilising this kind of internet access can also benefit from additional advertising and promotional opportunities by placing key messages on the welcome screen at  the login stage.

After all, you have more chance of selling something to someone in your bar than someone who’s not, so another opportunity to bring customers back to your bar is worth serious consideration.


3 thoughts on “How to Get Repeat Business With Free Wi-Fi

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