Expose yourself. Just make sure it's clean

Something tells me that the title of this post is going to pique a lot of interest in what I could be talking about here. For those of you who have arrived here in the hope of catching a glimpse of something risque, you may be disappointed, but that will depend on your interpretation of risque!

This blog post is aimed at bars and restaurants that expose their kitchens and preparation workspaces for the public to see. Maybe I’m a little bit paranoid when I say that I don’t like when my food and drinks are prepared FAR from my inquisitive eyes and so I love to see an exposed kitchen or preparation area because it means I can run very fast if I see something I don’t like.

Conversely, when I see a clean exposed kitchen, I’m thrilled! It’s a bit like a dirty toilet in a bar. If management are willing to allow public areas remain dirty, then what’s happening behind the scenes?

When management expose their kitchen, they’re telling me they have nothing to hide and have taken the decision to share their deepest darkest kitchen secrets with me and are confident I will STILL want to eat their food!

This was the view from my seat at breakfast this morning in a local restaurant. Impressive. I was also able to see my breakfast being prepared step by step. All that was missing was the chicken laying the egg in plain sight, although that might have been a bit much.


Don’t forget that behind the bar counter is visible to almost every customer that makes their order at the bar. Keep it clean and make sure your procedures are sanitary at all times.

That means:

  • Not handling lemon slices with your hands
  • Not keeping the ice scoop in the ice bucket
  • Not putting the lime wedge in the corona with your hands
  • keeping the chopping boards clean

Anything else that I didn’t think of?


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