Managing your bar the U2 way

At a U2 concert in Chicago over the weekend, I was reminded of the qualities that make a band/business or person so successful.

1. Innovation

U2 have been around for 33 years. That’s a long time to be at the top of your game and the ability to sell out an entire European Tour and close to selling out the entire US tour is no small achievement. How do they do it? They have continuously innovated. They have never remained in the past, have always tried new technologies, sounds and approaches to their music, while their concert stages are legendary for their uniqueness and futuristic looks.

2. A fanatical following

The U2 army of fans is all the band needs to spread their message and share their music further afield. From creating a U2 members club that has advance access to new albums and tickets to asking 80,000 people in a stadium to take pictures of the band with their mobile phones, U2, knows how to build a following. This has allowed them grow to reach new generations of fans while staying true to their beliefs.

3. Believing in something

Well known for their political activism, their third world involvement and their use of their global platform to spread a peaceful message, U2 have always been true to their beliefs. While not everyone will agree with their viewpoints, those that do will remain loyal fans and activists forever. A community of believers with a common cause has a tremenedous impact on a business and U2 have reaped the rewards of this over the years while staying true to their message.

Are there any ways you can adapt these qualities to your own bar or restaurant?

photo4 photo3


2 thoughts on “Managing your bar the U2 way

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  2. Hi
    If you liked this article and are a fan of U2, Robin Sharma
    has a good podcast on leadership and U2!!
    Worth listening to

    went to the concert in Dublin…

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