2 Simple but Profitable Ideas for Your Bar

Downtown Columbus, Ohio has some really good bars. Mrs. C & I enjoyed a good night out last night in three of them: Elevator Brewery & Draught Haus, Gordon Biersch and Barrio, a super cool tapas bar and we saw two simple but profitable ideas that any bar can incorporate into their business model:

1. Pair your Beers to your Menu

While Elevator Brewery specializes in boutique beers and micro brewery beers, there is no reason why any bar couldn;t match their current beer list to their menu. If your beer selection isn’t big enough and you find that Miller and Bud are as high end as it gets, this may not be for you, but for a lot of bars, this will make sense. I took a picture of the menu to show you. Click the picture to enlarge:


2. Use every opportunity to build your list

I mentioned this in a previous post and you’ll hear me talk about it a lot more too. Use every opportunity that you can to collect email addresses and mobile phone numbers from your customers. Gordon Biersch take advantage of the fact that beer mats get looked at a lot over the course of a busy night and use the space to try to recruit customers to their VIP list (picture below). Even better might have been to give the details of the VIP club and a number to text right on the beermat to avoid having to ask a server, but they are at least collecting details.


So, 2 simple but profitable ideas that you can look at implementing today!

7 thoughts on “2 Simple but Profitable Ideas for Your Bar

  1. These are 2 great points! I especially like pairing a drink with the meal. I know that I would really appreciate the suggestion with a meal. Anything to enhance the experience will keep the customers coming back!

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  4. This is a brilliant blog; I run a pub in Canterbury UK: and it’s really useful seeing different ways that things are done across the globe. So Thank you so much from The Black Griffin in Canterbury!

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