Why a Baby Represents Your Business

pearlMeet my niece. We call her Pearl because she’s precious. I’m babysitting her today and we’re having a great time. But as any parent knows, sleepy time is the time when you can get everything else done until the next round of feeding or pooping or general mayhem.

It is therefore the sole focus of a parent to walk, feed, rock or sing their baby to sleep so that they can get things done. The thing with a baby is that you’ll know if your methods are working because your little gift won’t be dribbling milk all over the carpet,but will instead by deep in slumber.

If Pearl didn’t go to sleep after her walk, I’d feed her and give her her bottle, I’d walk her around and sing to her and I’d rock her on the rocking chair until she drifted off. If that didn’t work, she would make me well aware that the crib was no friend of hers and I’d call her Mother and seek help!

You have a baby in your bar or restaurant too and you might not even know it. There are parts of your business that need fixing, that need to be rocked to sleep and you’re not doing enough to make it happen.

Maybe you don’t want them fixed badly enough? If you did, all the babies would be asleep or well on their way.

Take your stock as an example. If you have a problem with stock shortages, increase the frequency of your inventories, reduce access to the stores, double check all deliveries, put a mystery customer in the bar to watch the staff, or call in an expert to help you find the problem. Nothing worth doing comes easily. It all takes work. It’s never easy to get the baby to sleep.

There will be days when sleep comes quickly and effortlessly and you thank your lucky stars for those days. Other times, it will be a battle and a struggle.

How you react will depend on how badly you want that result. Nobody wants to see a baby crying, least of all your accountant….


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